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Happy 31st Birthday, Bradley James! (October 11, 1983)

"Something dangerous."


The Emrys-Pendragon household’s grocery day

(Pt.2 of “The roundhouse kick” domestic shit, Pt.1 is here. It seems that I can’t stop drawing this ‘verse, I just love daddy!Merthur THAT MUCH and hope you will get a kick out of it xD)


011014; arthur & merlin (as students!); BBC Merlin

Arthur just really likes the new transfer student, okay. 

Something simple and less stressful this time. I prefer shaggy-haired Merlin.<33 Meant to be a doodle though I got a little enthusiastic about unnecessary things (like the stickers on Merlin’s notebook & Arthur’s jacket). Just wanted a reason to draw glasses!Merlin, really. Lol. (He’s a prodigy and is rapidly becoming the darling of all the professors). Ahhhh I’m sorry for their weird expressions and weirder anatomy and oh god, I can’t do backpacks, apparently. Coloured with markers and Photoshop-cheated with the paneling

Merlin Cast Fest
Everyone and Everything Week - Day 1 (Favourite Cast Member - Not Including the Main 4)
Alexander Vlahos


So open your eyes and see
the way our horizons meet.


A screencap redraw from TBB (with a close up)!

This has always been one of my favorite shots. So cozy and domestic uwu

I made decisions, 
some right and some wrong,
and I let some love go
I wish wasn’t gone.
These things and more
I wish I had not done.

 ”It’s not every day a girl gets to save her prince.”


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