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What life? I've been away;
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Apr 16 at 12:02AM
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At the Sydney Benedict Cumberbatch Oz Comic Con panel

Fan: You've played a lot of geeky characters...
Benedict: *narrows eyes*
Benedict (in Khans voice): is Khan a geek?
Benedict (in Smaugs voice): Is Smaug a geek?
Benedict (in a Sherlock type voice): Sherlock's a geek!
Apr 06 at 10:44AM
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Merlin » 4.04 Aithusa


Dragoon The Great {request by baelllfire}

Mar 22 at 10:31PM
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BLOG RATES bc homework procastination


Mar 22 at 10:08PM
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Yay, Maria does her April Blog Of The Month!

What I am looking for:

- A nice theme. It doesn´t even have to be simple, it just needs to look good and be easy to use
- Awesome posts, many pages are a bonus but are not necessary.
- A cool URL (btw, fandom always wins…)
- A blog that is often updated
- A nice blogger, who loves his followers and doesn´t treat them like shit.


- Must be following me (I mean, really, this is for my followers and not for people who unfollow right after)
- Reblog until 31st of March
- Likes don´t count
- Ask Box must be open

What awaits the winner:

- A link in my updates tab for the whole month
- A place in my Blog Of The Month Hall of Fame
- Probably an invitation to my network, the diogenes club
- Promo every week of the month
- A blograte whenever you desire one
- Eternal love from me
- A follow from me, if I don´t do it already

And for the runner ups:

- A place on my updates tab
- A blograte whenever you want it
- Group promos
- A follow from me
- An awful lot of love
- If you are really cool runner up then I might invite you to my network as well.

I will announce the winner on the 1st of April and also send you a message if you made it.

Well then, reblog lovelies :)

you have missed it, admit it.


You made me who I am

AU - Series 5 is full of happiness.


Merlin/Arthur Canon Era AU: Gwen overhears a conversation between Arthur and Merlin the night before her wedding with the King.

Fangirl challenge: (2/10 friendships) : Merlin and Arthur (Merlin)

“I don’t want you to change. I want you to always be you.”